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Latest News:
Foundtian should now heal all Curses, Afflictions and also the Drunkness Spell Lag Monster
6/29/2022 7:45:41 AM

Had to add a new buff category: "Curse" for the Frogify. These buffs shall never stack in amount or length. Lag Monster
6/29/2022 7:41:59 AM

This update brings us the Warlock quest, Scrolls of Return, ZoneMap of Haunted Islands Lag Monster
6/29/2022 4:58:35 AM

maze deadens out of order until update Lord Buggy
6/27/2022 9:33:03 AM

Elite Grandmasters of high-tier-armors are now found in Glacier, Ice Palace, Catacombs, completing these sets Lord Buggy
6/27/2022 8:01:50 AM

added shipyards on ff island and haunted seas Lord Buggy
6/25/2022 8:44:18 AM

Captain skullhead decided to raid on FF island seas Lord Buggy
6/24/2022 10:15:08 AM

Decided to make the underground a zone on its own, evil cryptzz Lord Buggy
6/21/2022 8:43:02 PM

Haunted Island is now populated 100%. Some details, like more quests, remain to do Lord Buggy
6/21/2022 8:42:11 PM

changed ALignment of Spirit Guardian to SPIRIT, be even more careful Lord Buggy
6/19/2022 9:25:45 AM

added 2 new rooms below the Personal kill history: to check what creature classes / alignments you killed Lag Monster
6/17/2022 8:51:28 AM

the first questson haunted islands are available: collect bones! Lord Buggy
6/15/2022 1:26:57 PM

fixed it so that Quest Reward choices are not hidden any more. they got overwritten by post quest completion text when I made that appear Lord Buggy
6/15/2022 9:05:05 AM

Event The Dark Traveller activated - test phase Lord Buggy
6/12/2022 5:06:10 PM

BG event is over for now - was active for a long tme! Lord Buggy
6/12/2022 4:31:34 PM

Made changes to WoF: corrected WS Rank, color and added Most killed Lord Buggy
6/9/2022 8:24:40 AM

changed it so you can get Quest Items even if you are encumbered Lord Buggy
6/8/2022 7:47:08 AM

replace Old Mats by Simple Mats (none forged) there as smoke bomb and black crystal are used to make Armor Cabs and Weapon Storage Lord Buggy
6/7/2022 7:01:23 AM

some rooms will not require only gold but also mats from now on. on the other hand, creating the rooms only takes the old mats Lord Buggy
6/7/2022 6:59:34 AM

they are made from the new resource: Planks. but if you already made a weapon storage thats okay. you are a tester then Lord Buggy
6/6/2022 4:39:57 PM

with this update, functionality for house: armor cabinet and weapon storage is coming Lord Buggy
6/6/2022 4:39:32 PM

The accuracy and spell accuracy values of the + weapons were adjusted Lord Buggy
6/5/2022 6:32:31 AM

First applicaiton for the new drops are new house room types (storages, which is being worked on Lord Buggy
6/4/2022 11:45:25 AM

We have two new item types, similar like Dusts, Gems but more rare as they only drop from Oozes. Good hunting! Lord Buggy
6/4/2022 11:44:32 AM

there are mobs on ff island now, also drops, and a surprise portal Lord Buggy
6/2/2022 7:25:10 PM