Drop Bonus: 50%
Gold Bonus: 20%
Exp Bonus: 50%

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Oct 21, 2019 This is Beta then, someone told me!

Please report any possible bugs on Discord

Latest News:
if more than 9 items are on floor that belong to you, you get a clear option now Lord Buggy
5/26/2022 11:05:51 AM
names for instruments wanted on discord! Lord Buggy
5/21/2022 8:04:18 PM
Shop added on FF island! Lord Buggy
5/19/2022 7:56:06 AM
New quest added: staff controllers guild 8 Lord Buggy
5/5/2022 7:48:17 AM
Fixed the Training Advisor formula for cumulative exp! Lord Buggy
5/3/2022 8:56:12 AM
Added the new zerk tonics to some bosses drops Lord Buggy
4/20/2022 12:27:51 PM