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Latest News:
Food got split into Food + Potions. please clear temp files for it to work Lord Buggy
8/11/2022 7:33:52 AM

As Fighters and Thieves get Spirit Mod when attacking with a Spirit aligned weapon, Mages shall get the same mod when casting spells with such a weapon Lord Buggy
8/9/2022 7:05:05 PM

AddedEmerald Ring and Emerald Bracelet: Mage versions of the Green Jewelry Lag Monster
8/7/2022 7:51:18 AM

Price of Apprentice Amulet changed to match Black amulet. Ring of Bone: removed wisdom bonus Lag Monster
8/6/2022 8:33:32 AM

The items in SHilla jewelry shop will get adjusted Lag Monster
8/6/2022 8:25:35 AM

1. Magic Arrow will costmore exp to train, less Mana to cast, and the grope will change from Int to Wisdom Lag Monster
8/6/2022 8:25:13 AM

Mage Guild relevant changes are being made these days to make them more consistent Lag Monster
8/6/2022 8:24:28 AM

Our COokie MOnster decided to lurk around every day now, and BG / DT will from now on take turns daily Lag Monster
8/6/2022 8:14:17 AM

After this update, you will find that a KB shortcut for Get Item is available (instead of AllOut) Lag Monster
8/6/2022 8:13:15 AM

We are going to make it so that Mages in spec Guilds wont lose any spells on Leave. They just wont be able to cast buffs from other guilds! Lord Buggy
8/6/2022 12:16:48 AM

added a section called Other to the Proficiency room to reveal whats not shown other way Lord Buggy
8/5/2022 7:07:17 AM

some of the forge code changed during the last update. lets hope the new thing works =) Lord Buggy
8/4/2022 10:40:41 PM

Critically attacked the battle code 10,000 times for lag free attacks Lord Buggy
8/4/2022 10:39:51 PM

If you plan to join a new guild with your weapon, you cannot align it after that,so should be done first Lag Monster
8/2/2022 9:57:43 PM

to put it clear, the T21 dagger also worked before, by accident ;) Lag Monster
8/1/2022 7:05:14 AM

4 forge combos fixed: T21 dagger, t21 tome, t22 axe, t22 tome. All others confirmed by tool Lag Monster
8/1/2022 6:50:19 AM

Added 4 combos for accuracy enchantment: 2 low, 2 high ones, see Discord Lord Buggy
7/31/2022 5:18:58 PM

updaing Lord Buggy
7/31/2022 1:53:33 PM

T22 axe, dagger combos fixed, DT shilla bay fixed, special attacks adjusted Lord Buggy
7/31/2022 9:35:00 AM

T22 Mace combo fixed. Leave the new Ajax option alone for now, not good enough yet Lord Buggy
7/29/2022 8:06:04 PM

These are Assassins, ShadowStalkers, EliteWarriors, Barbarians, ManaMages, DarkWizards Lord Buggy
7/26/2022 10:59:32 AM

set up some new guilds in new shilla Lord Buggy
7/26/2022 10:58:44 AM

changed it so that sharks drop forge armors and demons drop forge food. also food can be bought in shop now Lord Buggy
7/26/2022 10:58:26 AM

Testing Feature: Special Guilds Flexibility Lag Monster
7/25/2022 8:31:56 AM

Got to update for new CM/BM/DT locations / tasks Lord Buggy
7/24/2022 8:19:50 AM