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Latest News:
FIxed some things about weapon type mods: all types are now neutral agianst "other" mobs Outskirter
6/1/2023 6:31:47 PM

CHanges include: Resources list when Harvesting and Info about Alignment Mod in Consider Lord Buggy
5/31/2023 5:51:55 AM

Dark Traveller level 1 moved from outskirts to Dirt Road Outskirter
5/28/2023 7:21:37 AM

Updating for superior victory messages Lord Buggy
5/5/2023 5:57:36 PM

A couple of changes for the Clearing the Beach Quest: It got replaced by 3 quests with objects to kill crabs. Rewards still decent. Lord Buggy
4/22/2023 8:36:25 AM

those are bonuses to the regular values Bp
3/17/2023 9:18:42 AM

For St. Patrick's Day weekend, 50% exp, 50% gold and 20% drop rates - this will last until Sunday Evening sometime CST (my time) Bp
3/17/2023 9:17:33 AM

Cleared chat, Logs after setting up host for the new servers! Lag Monster
3/15/2023 6:17:53 PM

Update with Bug Fixes done! (weapon buffs, Purchase of estate) Lord Buggy
2/13/2023 6:48:19 AM

Correction: Those stones are mined and not dropped, therefore monster drops will be deleted Bp
2/9/2023 10:05:51 AM

2 missing stones have been inserted into the game for existing Hell Forge combos Bp
2/9/2023 10:01:53 AM

Top of Hexagon can be traveled to find all the Grandmaster mobs at the top Bp
2/1/2023 6:39:16 AM

Fix: Using Buff Pots of same type only stacks if they have same amount - otherwise the new one Overrides Lord Buggy
12/29/2022 6:09:58 AM

To access the Sand Mansion, the Master Druid Quest must be active and/or completed (another way to keep low levels out of area) Bp
12/12/2022 8:17:52 AM

To access the Test Monsters 75k and 115k WS, you need to start the Defeat the Warlock Quest(to prevent random deaths from low level characters) Bp
12/11/2022 3:14:08 AM

Boulder Hurler now drops all T33 weapons(as opposed to the ones most relevant to current players) Bp
12/11/2022 1:11:08 AM

Black Friday Event is over, hope people enjoyed it Bp
11/26/2022 7:04:43 AM

Check Discord page for the Shilla Black Friday Event Bp
11/25/2022 7:49:28 AM

We have Rotting Turkey Legs for Thanksgiving in the Outskirts Bp
11/24/2022 1:18:17 AM

Fix: On next Update, Boss drops will strictly only go to players in that room Lord Buggy
9/17/2022 9:29:35 AM

With next update, the switch to Advanced guilds is only possible with both Spec Guild Ranks at 11. Lord Buggy
9/16/2022 9:53:01 AM

And we have three new chat functions: /who /info and /quest to start with Lord Buggy
9/15/2022 7:48:29 AM

This update brings changes to the Hell Pit and to Mount M: Find new loot in hell pit to cope with the area effects Lord Buggy
9/15/2022 7:47:02 AM

Switching Red beryl and Pyrite locs with those of Iolite and Legrandite Lord Buggy
9/11/2022 10:26:22 PM

added the remaining T33s and fixed some issues (0 fat) for other T33s Lag Monster
9/6/2022 10:08:59 AM