There are recurring events like the Bored Guard and Cookie Monster as well as special holiday events (Xmas Gypcy etc).

  • 02 / 01 / 2020 - 09 / 01 / 2020: Cookie Monster, see below
  • 22 / 12 / 2019 - 01 / 01 / 2020: The Bored Guard, see below
  • 24 / 12 / 2020 - 27 / 12 / 2019: Special Santa Drops Event

Cookie Monster Event

  • The Cookie Monster lives in 9 different places, reflecting the difficulty of the started quests.
  • Only one instance can be activated at a time - that pĆ¼layer receives a +10% exp + gold bonus for half an hour.
  • When activated, it will create a public quest that every player can sign up for.
  • Only the player who finishes first will receive the rewards.
  • The objective is obviously to get a certain amount of some type of food.
  • The reward consists of a Misc. Item, experience, gold and quest points.
  • The higher the difficulty of the quest, the better are the rewards.
  • If a quest is not comnpleted within one hour, there is an option to cancel it (anyone can do that in any cookie monster place) so that a new quest can be created

Bored Guard Event

  • This event works quite similarly as the one above, except for the following differences:
  • The Bored Guard lives in towns and villages only.
  • The objective is toi kill creatures.
  • The main reward is an armor, the more difficulkt the quest is, the better the chance for giving a village armor