Game Rules

Be nice!
Any behaviour that might hurt other players or cause damage to the game itself is punished depending on the severity.
No Macros!
No tools are allowed to perform automated actions in the game, this includes the use of javascript. Besides our famous macro checks we do have click-monitoring
No URL-Manipulation
All game actions have to be taken using the buttons and links in game. Sending requests from any other source is forbidden. We added checks to log all kinds of none-regular actions
No Hacking!
Should you be found using sql-injeciton, denial-of-service or other harmful attacks, it definitely leads to an IP-ban.
Report Bugs!
Please report any possible bugs on our Discord Channel as soon as possible. If you are found having abused a bug to your advantage, we have to send that character on a holiday.
Violations of these rules will be punished depending on severity either by suspending single characters or banning accounts.