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Oct 21, 2019 This is Beta then, someone told me!

Please report any possible bugs on Discord

Latest News:
Subguild Rangers has moved over the Mainguild Thieves. So if you want to use bow you have to transfer! Grandmaster Jedi
8/26/2020 8:23:56 PM
Sorry for any inconvenience some players might run into, not being able to get on their characters. But things are being worked on, might just take some time. So please stay patience, thank you Copy of Jedi
8/24/2020 10:16:21 PM
Axemaster quest 10 has been completed! It's pretty long an involved, so please test it when you get to that level! Bahamut
8/7/2020 4:37:28 PM
Fighter's Quest 10 has been added! Bahamut
8/7/2020 6:52:12 AM
Axemasters quest 8+9 have been added! Bahamut
8/7/2020 5:51:20 AM
Daggermasters quest 2-9 have been added! Bahamut
8/7/2020 5:11:45 AM