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Oct 21, 2019 This is Beta then, someone told me!

Please report any possible bugs on Discord

Latest News:
Spearmaster Quests 1-9 have been added, and are ready for testing. Disregard the brief quest dialogue, it will be updated in the future. Bahamut
11/19/2020 5:41:16 AM
Fighter Quest 7 has been updated. Village armor quest have been removed until I can rework them to accommodate for the three main guild armor types. Bahamut
11/19/2020 3:16:57 AM
All forges have been updated to accommodate the new armors. Bahamut
11/19/2020 3:09:16 AM
Attention everyone! The Armor update is now live. Enjoy hunting for your new armors. Please discard the old ones once you've found the new ones for your tier. Bahamut
11/16/2020 7:28:01 PM
The armor update will be a little delayed, no power at my house = no internet. Should be back up tomorrow, so i'll try to get it done tomorrow. Bahamut
11/16/2020 4:10:39 AM
Just so everyone is aware, the Armor Update will be implemented Sunday Night. Expect it to be done by the end of sunday night EST. Thanks for your patience! Bahamut
11/13/2020 4:39:01 AM